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The StorMax hand held monitor makes collecting data easyThe StorMax hand held monitor makes collecting data easy

Choose from two StorMax models: the StorMax/Standard (blue) or the StorMax/Deluxe (black), which comes with a backlit screen, PC connection and recharging kit.

Upload stored data from the StorMax monitor to your PC using our light-duty PC software program. OPIGIMA lite facilitates the upload of stored data from the StorMax monitor for hard drive storage, display and emailing data from your PC.

The StorMax adapter system interfaces with an expanding range of other devices.

Our simple-to-use StorMax Hand held Monitor System Features

  • Intuitive, simple to use controls, for fast and easy data collection
  • The capacity to store a years worth of readings
  • A display big enough to view four sets of readings at a time, or historic readings in a graphic format
  • Displays graphs to spot trends
  • Adaptors for other kinds of temperature cables and sensing devices
  • Upload data to your PC with OPIGIMA lite
  • Expandable to future sensing technology

Temperature Monitoring is Related to Profit

Grain quality is directly related to the moisture and temperature trends in your stored grain. Profits will disappear if grain spoils or if it is over dried. Measuring temperature is central to grain storage management and allows you to make the best decisions in maintaining your grain’s quality.

StorMax gives you the ability to:

  • Reduce the risk of spoilage and damage
  • Optimize grain moisture content
  • Monitor and spot trends
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Save time

Getting started with StorMax

Getting started with the StorMax Temperature Monitoring System is easy. All you need is the StorMax hand held monitor and SmartSnap cables.

Our StorMax monitor collects all of the data in seconds from individual bins or an entire storage facility. All of the data is retained in the onboard memory, which can be downloaded to your PC. StorMax allows you to make informed decisions that make you money.

SmartSnap cables are the backbone of the StorMax Temperature Monitoring System. Each cable is equipped with its own unique address. This digital intelligence makes it possible to interconnect a large amount of cables for one-stop data collection.

The Temperature Monitoring System is:

  • Flexible and scalable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Integral to your grain