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Neudorf Colony, near Calgary, Alberta

The storage system is set up to exchange product between the two linesThe storage system is set up to exchange product between the two lines

The Neudorf Colony has the ultimate storage system servicing the Colonies needs from harvest to market. The storage system is laid out in two parallel lines. One is used for newly harvested grain processing and includes the grain dryer and dry grain storage capacity. The second line provides long-term storage capacity until the grain is shipped or utilized for feed.

Key Features:

  • Both storage systems feature ten-inch grain pumps to move product from grain dryer to bins, and to turn grain over from bin to bin
  • Each line has two Soft-Starter 30-hp motors to power the grain pumps
  • Downspouts from each grain pump line to the other lines load-in enables easy product exchange between the dryer line and storage line


The dryer line consists of truck load-out and receiving, 5 hopper bottom bins, with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes each, and 4 flat bottom bins, three with a capacity of 18,000 bushels, and one with a 30,000 bushel capacity. Two hopper bins serve as “wet” grain bins, two serve as “dry” grain bins, and the fifth hopper bin is included to add flexibility to the system, for management of partial tag ends and for emergencies.

Newly harvested grain is loaded into one of the two “wet” hopper bins and from there is augured into the grain dryer. After drying, the grain is dropped into a dry bucket elevator and sent to one of the two “dry” hoppers on the line. From the “dry” hoppers, the grain can be moved to any of the four flat bottom bins in the storage system line, or dropped, via the downspout, to the storage line grain pump, which also has its own truck dump and fill.


The storage line consists of six, 25,000 bushel flat-bottom bins, serviced by a second 10-inch Hutchinson Grain Pump. The storage line is 10′ lower than the dryer line, to facilitate the downspout transfer of grain at a 45° incline from the dryer bins from the dryer line.

The key is that all dry grain overflows can be easily moved to the storage line.


Both Grain Pumps are powered with two 30-hp soft-start motors to decrease ongoing chain maintenance. The Cutler-Hammer IT Soft-Starter ramps the voltage of the two electric motors up from zero to full voltage over an adjustable period of time. This reduced voltage start helps a great deal in preventing system problems by reducing torque on the motor, belts, chains, gears, and other components. Increasing load momentum gradually is much easier on equipment that sudden starts.

All of the flat bottom bins, in both the dryer line and the storage line are fully equipped with aeration and fans, Hutchinson bin sweeps, and OPI Stormax grain temperature monitoring cables.

This is a must visit in grain handling systems if you are anywhere near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The system consists of two long ten-inch grain loops parallel to each other and designed to have maximum flexibility for this large farm operation. This grain storage system must be seen, to be fully appreciated.