Springland U-Trough Bin Unloader

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Springland U-Trough Bin Unloader Springland U-Trough Bin Unloader

The Springland U-Trough grain bin unloading system is the most advanced sweep auger system on the market today. Ease of installation, ease of maintenance, top quality materials, high capacity and a proven design make this unloading equipment essential to an efficient grain handling system. The under aeration floor U-Trough screw conveyor design moves more material than traditional round tube screw conveyors using  the same horsepower with less chance of grain damage.


  • Enclosed shifting mechanism in the gearbox sweep drive
  • Double length center gate provides 23” of exposed flight for maximum unloading capacity
  • Adjustable angle on the back plate
  • A single motor drives both the unloader and the sweep from outside the bin
  • Rack & pinion gate controls
  • Gearbox shifter engages the sweep from outside the bin
  • Sweep Stop – limits the sweep to one revolution around the bin and is controlled outside the bin
  • U-Trough unload systems are available in bin diameters up to 60’

Standard Features

Electric Powerhead Electric Powerhead

Hydraulic Powerhead Hydraulic Powerhead

Incline Elbow Powerhead Incline Elbow Powerhead
Vertical PowerheadVertical Powerhead

11" (28cm) wide U-Trough with 9" (23cm) flight provides conservatively 5000-7500 BPH* (136-200Mt per hour) unloading capacity (depending on the RPM drive set up). Sweep flighting available in 6.25”, 7.25” or 8.25” diameter..

Durable Construction

With 14 Guage G90 Galvanized materials, powder coated finishes and sealed gearboxes, Springland U-Troughs require minimal maintenance and will provide years of reliable operation.

Springland Elevator Wheel** provides positive sweep advancement. The adjustable sweep backplate allows the elevator wheel to be adjusted closer to the bin wall and floor to improve clean up.

Springland unloads fit under most standard aeration floors and require minimal assembly. The gearbox drops into and self-aligns in the U-Trough. The main unloader components are pre-assembled to ensure ease of installation

Powerhead Options

Electric Powerhead

  • With quick detach motor mount and over center belt tensioner.
  • Belt guard swings out for easy access to belts.

Hydraulic Powerhead

  • Used in areas where electric power is unavailable.

Incline Elbow Powerhead

  • Elevates the discharge.
  • Either electric or hydraulic powerhead can be attached to the incline elbow

Vertical Powerhead

  • Paddle conveyor and single motor design eliminates the need for transport auger.

Another Option from Springland

8" Round System

  • Round Tube Auger unload systems available for bins up to 48' (15m) diameter
  • 2500-3500 BPH (60-80 MT/hr)
  • Sweep and powerhead assemblies are interchangeable from U-trough to round unloaders