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Vauxhall, Alberta

Prairieview seed storage features a 'gentle handling' system to prevent product damagePrairieview seed storage features a “gentle handling” system to prevent product damage

Skyway Grain Systems Inc. designed, supplied and installed, a 4000 bushels per hour “gentle handling” seed storage system for Prairie View Seed at Vauxhall in the summer of 2002.

Lambton Conveyor and Westeel products allow seed to be stored, turned and moved without contamination. This handling and seed storage system is designed to receive and ship course grains, like wheat, oats and barley, and pulse crops (peas and lentils) through the “gentle handling” round bottom Lambton Conveyor. All product is moved using the round bottom chain conveyor and the Lambton grain leg. Westeel supplied all of the storage components.


Prairie View Seed contracts with clients to store valuable seed either for sale, or until seeding time rolls around. Since every client has their own requirements for seed storage, the system must guarantee that seed can be stored and moved without contamination.

The facility, located at Vauxhall, Alberta, consists of ten 7000 bu.Westeel Hopper bottom grain tanks, and a 4000 bu/hr Lambton Bucket Elevator. Lambton round bottom chain conveyors link all parts of the system, top and bottom, ensuring that seed contamination does not happen from one type of product run to the next type of product run. The system is controlled through a control panel from a small building located right beside the driveway, providing the ability to start up and stop the conveyors, and control the top discharge gates to direct the flow of seed from one tank to the other The Operator has maximum control over all mechanical and electrical functions, through the auto/shut-off, over protection, and bin-full options. All overhead gates are controlled electrically with full bin level switches for complete automatic operation. The round bottom conveyors, in addition to minimizing contamination, also handle the stored seed gently to minimize kernel damage and provide a greater percentage of seed that will germinate.


A driveway dump system incorporates the same type of conveyor as well as a threaded rod flow control system, which allows for minute adjustments for maximum output. Lambton Catwalk and catwalk supports run the length of the system allowing the operator full access to all overhead components. The bucket elevator along with a Laden self-support tower, charges and discharges product, perfectly linking receiving from the driveway and the top and bottom conveyors. Two of the ten 7000 bushel Westeel Grain Hopper Tanks have aeration fans with heaters allowing for in bin drying and aerating.

All clients of Prairie View Seeds have their requirements…low kernel damage…low contamination…high efficient operation.