The Hutchinson Grain Pump Provides Versatility

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The Beiseker Colony utilizes a Hutchinson Grain Pump to perform 3 different functions on their hog and grain farm. The Hutchinson Grain Pump is one of a kind when it comes to providing versatile grain handling solutions in every situation.

The Colony is located northeast of Calgary and encompasses a farm operation cultivating 7,000 to 8,000 acres of wheat oats and barley. They presently utilize three Hutchinson Grain Pumps to service their grain handling needs. The farm uses the crops grown to service a 500-sow hog operation, feeding and finishing approximately 8,000 hogs per year

Hog Feed System First

The colony saw the need to automate their grain growing operation and started out with a feed system primarily utilized for feed barley, servicing the colony's hog operation. It consists of five 25,000 bushel bins and is approximately 250 feet long by 35 feet high.

Bulk Car Loader Also Works for B-Train TrailersThis farm features the longest grain pump in the world

The grain can be moved, via the Hutchinson Grain Pump, from the bins to the feed system where it can be ground and mixed with nutritional micro-ingredients, weighed, measured and delivered to the hogs in a totally automated operation. This system receives grain through a truck dump or can load out any grain not required for the hog operation.

Sam Stahl of the Beiseker Colony is pleased with the system, "We are a farm operation cultivating around 7,000 to 8,000 acres and we now have three different ten-inch Hutchinson Grain Pump systems that operate very well. Skyway Grain Systems supplied all our pumps and advised us regarding installation and we are very happy with how they have treated us."

The farm took 2 years to test the first system installed and were sufficiently impressed with the system that they installed what is to this day, the longest grain pump in the world, at 900'.

Farm Grain Storage System

The second system, which functions primarily as a farm grain storage system, was installed in 1996. Skyway constructed a 10" grain pump around 6 existing 10,000 bushel bins, and added a further 4, 30,000 bushel bins to boost the storage capacity to a total of 180,000 bushels, Because of the versatility of the Hutchinson Grain Pump, they are able to store and move oats, barley and wheat side by side with no danger of contamination during handing operations.

Grain Drying System

A third system was added in 1998 to dry grain. It consists of two 30,000 bushel flat bottom bins and six 2,500 bushel hopper bottom bins, and a Vertec grain dryer. The Vertec dryer was the forerunner to the Phoenix Dryer that Skyway builds into its systems to this day. Product can be moved from any of the bins, to a surge bin feeding the continuous dryer, and from the dryer is moved by the Hutchinson Grain Pump into a dry grain bin, from which it can be blended and/or stored in one of the high capacity flat bottom bins.

The Hutchinson Grain Pump adds versatility, flexibility, functionality, adaptability, convenience, efficiency, and good economics to any grain handling system.