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Since its inception, the late 1970s, Skyway Grain Systems Inc. has grown into one of Western Canada’s largest companies in the design and construction of grain terminals. Skyway has put their considerable experience to work for producers of all sizes, from small on-farm operations to numerous Hutterite colonies and large-scale commercial operations like Louis Dreyfus. Skyway has built ten terminals for this multi-national across Western Canada in recent years.

  • 6 inch grain loop
  • livestock feeding system
  • Northern Mongolia grain handling facility
  • 12 inch grain loop
  • 10 inch grain loop
  • Beiseker Colony 12
  • Dreyfus Grain Elevator, wilkie, Saskatchewan
  • Pinnacle Wood Pellet Storage
  • Western Feedlot, Mossleigh, Alberta

In the beginning, Skyway Grain Systems Inc. started out by manufacturing and installing hopper bins for grain storage. Later, Skyway went on to also sell augers, then bucket elevator legs, and finally moved to the Hutchinson Grain Pump(TM) to implement into grain systems.


The Hutchinson Grain Pump has had a profound effect on the grain handling industry. The flexibility of the Grain Pump has enabled even small farm operations to store and move their product with unrivaled ease.


During the almost 30 years of operation, Skyway has designed and constructed a broad range of purpose built facilities. Among these facilities are bin systems for cereal storage. Farmers and commercial operators need facilities to store product until optimum market conditions arrive. Storage tanks in these facilities range from small hopper bottom bins to commercial size flat bottom silos.


Another major category of facility that Skyway has designed is grain handling systems. When there is a need to move or turn ,or a wet harvest, bucket elevators, grain dryers, chain conveyors and grain pumps provide the ability to move product within the grain system and in-load and out-load product to trucks or rail cars.


Feed mills are a third category of facilities that Skyway has completed. Farmers who own feed lots rely on Skyway systems to mix and move feed. Simple set-ups have been built which mix ingredients by loading the right combination of ingredients into a feed mixing wagon or truck. Other systems are sophisticated feed mills that mix micro amounts of feed additives, nutrients and medication into feed. These complex feed mills feature micro scales and small conveyors to mix custom feed recipes tailor made for feeding cattle, hogs, poultry, and just about any other species that is raised for market.


The facility at Prairie View Seed was designed to store seed. Prairie View stores seed for sale and rents storage facilities to other operations too small to have adequate seed storage of their own.


Saskcan Pulse Trading buys, processes, and exports a full line of Red Split Lentils, Futball Red Lentils, Whole Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas.

To date, various sizes of grain systems have been completed in several different countries around the world. We have featured just a few of our complete projects on this site, but if you are interested in seeing others, please contact us and we may have a system in operation near your location.