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When grain is harvested and loaded into grain storage, the temperature and moisture content of that grain may vary greatly from day to day or from field to field. In order to ensure that the grain quality will be maintained over time, it is necessary to provide a method to produce consistent quality of the crop throughout the bin. Grain bin aeration serves to maintain and enhance the quality of the stored crop by creating an appropriate uniform grain temperature throughout the bin. Hot spots in the bin create an environment that promotes insect invasion and can cause mold to be produced. An aeration system pumps air up through the grain and disperses the heat in hot spots and prevents insect infestation. Aeration systems preserve stored grain and keep it dry by reducing the temperature of grain and reducing moisture migration, thus preventing prevent convection currents and condensation from occurring.

Perforated Floor with Superwave Supports Perforated Floor with Superwave Supports

Air is introduced into the bin through perforations in the bin floor. Passive air can accomplish some drying effect but for adequate drying in most situations, fans must be used to force air through the perforations and up through the grain. Air forced up through the grain creates a drying front that travels up through the grain. A drying front is the level below which the grain is considered dry. Since the air being forced up through the grain can only hold so much moisture, the air travelling ahead of the drying front is basically saturated with moisture and is vented out through the roof of the bin. As air is continually forced through the grain, the level below which the grain is dry gradually moves up through the bin until the whole crop is dry and of a uniform moisture level.


Sukup Channel-Lok™ floor planks feature sturdy J-shaped, interlocking sides. Each plank is made of high-strength, galvanized steel and is cut to length with computerized accuracy. Sukup floors will accommodate most drying or storage needs. They are also ideal for flush floor aeration applications. Channel-Lok™ Floors are available in Hawk Cut™ or perforated styles and may be installed with galvanized steel Z-Post™ supports, Super Supports™ or Super Wave Supports. Combining Channel-Lok™ floor planks with Sukup supports is the quickest and easiest way to install a floor. Sukup Channel-Lok™ Flooring (Hawk Cut™ or Perforated) and supports install easily over concrete tunnels for an efficient, low-cost aeration alternative. Sukup square pad systems constructed with Sukup Channel-Lok™ flooring offer improved air distribution and more airflow than aeration ducts

Perforated Bin Flooring Perforated Bin Flooring


  • Sukup’s clear-punched holes provide ample open area for maximum airflow.
  • Smooth perforations form an idea surface for easy sweeping and clean-up.
  • Corrugation on Sukup planks extends completely across the width of each plank for 80% more strength than other competing perforated floors where the corrugation stops short.
  • Available in 20 ga. or 18 ga. planks
    • 20 ga. planks are for use in bins with lower grain depths
    • 18 ga. plans are available for deeper grain depths
  • Available with either 0.0945” diameter holes or 0.05” diameter holes, which is ideal for canola or other very small grains.

Heavy Duty Perforated FlooringHeavy Duty Perforated Flooring


  • Sukup Heavy-Duty Perforated planks were designed for those situations where perforated floors are preferred, but greater grain depths are desired.
  • Weight-bearing support every 3 ½”
  • Narrow sections are crimped together to form 7” planks
  • Available in 0.0945” or 0.05” diameter holes.
  • Used with Sukup Wave Supports or Flat Top Super Supports.
Super SupportsSuper Supports


  • The Sukup Super Support’s welded rod frame lets air flow freely throughout the bin plenum area.
  • This open design provides better heat distribution for more efficient drying.
  • Unique angle iron base provides stability
  • Tabs provide support under the crown of the plank.
  • Available in 5-1/4", 13-1/4", 15-7/8" and 17" heights.
Superwave Bin Floor SupportsSuperwave Bin Floor Supports


  • Stamped metal supports work well with all Sukup floor planks, but they are particularly well-suited to our Heavy-Duty Perforated Floors.
  • Unique wave design provides excellent support and stability at an economical price.
  • Tabs provide support under the crown of the floor plank.
  • Can be used with the deepest grain depths.