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Gain up to 130% greater aeration coverage with Westeel's revolutionary Circ-Air Round Pit systemGrain aeration system from Westeel

Up until now grain bin aeration has meant either the expense of full floor, or the somewhat less effective aeration of square pit. But now there’s alternative grain drying equipment, developed for farmers dissatisfied by the performance of square pit aeration. Westeel’s revolutionary Circ-Air Round Pit system delivers aeration performance approaching that of full floor, but at a cost about the same as square pit – truly a breakthrough in grain bin aeration technology. Circ-Air can be used on farm and commercial bins with a capacity up to 56,731 bushels (1550 metric tonnes of wheat).


Circ-Air features Westeel’s new C-Support system to provide unsurpassed airflow distribution. Not only that, you’ll also benefit from Westeel’s improved planking system that uses a new arch design that stiffens the floor when under load, making it even stronger. Planks available with perforations of either .050″ for use with canola and small grains, or .094″ for large grains.

This is the closest you can get to full floor aeration, but unlike full floor, you don’t lose one bit of your bins storage space.Gain up to 130% greater aeration coverage with Westeel’s revolutionary Circ-Air Round Pit grain drying system. Depending upon your bin’s diameter and aeration model selected, Westeel’s new Circ-Air grain bin aeration system allows you to aerate up to 76% of your bin’s floor, a remarkable 130% increase over the 33% maximum coverage allowed by square pit. With greater coverage you achieve more efficient grain aeration and faster drying.


Unlike square pit aeration systems that can experience cracking and deterioration to the concrete floor, at the corners; Circ-Air equally distributes load stress, for a longer lasting, more durable base. With square pit systems, the load is not evenly distributed and the corners undergo extreme stress. Sealform’s circular foundation distributes the stress equally along the whole pit wall. With a Sealform concrete foundation form and Circ-Air, complete installation can be accomplished with only one pour of concrete, saving you both time and money.


Circ-Air is the closest you can get to full floor aeration but, unlike full floor, you don’t lose one bit of your bin’s storage space. Circ-Air is built into the foundation, unlike full floor aeration, which is built on top of the bin floor.


The Circ-Air round pit system features flush mounted flashing and a level floor that does not restrict use of bin sweeps, for easier bin clean-out.