Tebb Farms Flexible Grain Handling

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Tebb Farms, Olds, Alberta

A Flexible Grain Handling System

Tebb Farms grain handling system was supplied and built by Skyway Grain Systems in the summer of 2017. The main components in the system are two 12” Lambton Grain Loop chain conveyors – 10,000 BPH. The system design allows the Tebbs to move grain from the truck unloading/loading driveway through the main 12” Lambton Grain Loop conveyor to any storage bin in the system, but most importantly to the three 7,000 bushel wet surge hopper tanks. The system incorporates an older existing grain dryer with separate handling equipment that brings grain from the 3 wet surge hopper tanks to the grain dryer and separate handling equipment that gets the dry grain from the dryer to two 7,000 bushel dry surge hoppers. The Tebb’s can continually be receiving grain from harvest at 10,000 BPH while drying grain at around 600 BPH with their older existing mixed flow grain dryer, with no interruptions. The two 7,000 bushel dry grain surge hoppers are positioned on top of the main 12” Lambton Loop conveyor so that when they are full they can be unloaded quickly at 10,000 BPH to any storage bin in the system – so either from the truck unloading driveway to any bin in the system or from the dryer to any bin in the system - complete flexibility.