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Regina, Saskatchewan

Lambton gentle handing bucket elevators are at the centre of the Saskcan PlantLambton gentle handing bucket elevators are at the centre of the Saskcan Plant

In 2002, Skyway Grain Systems completed the construction of a 75,000MT annual capacity Lentil Splitting Plant for Saskcan Pulse Trading. The plant is located in Regina, Saskatchewan, the heart of Canada’s largest production area for pulse crops . This area accounts for more than 96% of Canada’s lentil crop.

The plant consists of 32 small Lambton gentle handling bucket elevators, 2 large receiving Lambton bucket elevators, 15 Westeel smooth-wall hopper bins, and 3 level drag conveyors.


The operation is set up on three levels, with the raw materials introduced at the top level and processed through cleaning, separating, colour sorting and splitting, during its gravity driven path down through the processing plant.

The Lambton gentle handling bucket elevators that Saskcan uses are specially designed to handle delicate crops like lentils, peas and pulse crops. These crops, being softer than grains like barley, wheat and oats, are more vulnerable to damage during handling and the Lambton bucket elevator ensures that the crop maintains its value by preventing seed damage and consequent drops in seed grade. This is done through modifications in Bucket Elevator design to slow down the through-put speed of the crop. Basically the system is designed to run at a speed that matches gravity speed of discharge as opposed to centrifugal speed. In other words the product is dropped from the bucket elevator as opposed to being thrown from the elevator. This is done by slowing the speed of the chain drive, increasing the size of the pulleys, and, in order to maintain through-put capacities, by increasing the size of the elevator cups.


Saskcan has two state-of-the-art production facilities that provide five production lines for seed cleaning, sizing, splitting, color-sorting and packaging a full line of lentil, chickpea, pea, mustard and canary seed products. Products include a full line of Red Split Lentils, Futball Red Lentils, Whole Lentils, Chickpeas and Peas.

Products are sold in bulk and in bags according to customer specifications.

  • Red Split Lentils: Canadian varieties of Crimson and Robin lentils split. Qualities include Sortex Quality, 0.5+0.5 Quality, 1+1 Quality and 2+2 Quality. Product may be purchased unpolished or polished with oil and/or water.
  • Football Red Lentils: de-husked red lentils Sortex Quality may be purchased unpolished or polished with oil and/or water.
  • Whole Lentils: Canadian Red Whole Lentils (Crimson or Robin), Laird lentils (large green), Richlea lentils (medium green) or Eston lentils (small green).
  • Chickpeas: Kabuli 7,8,9 and 10mm Chickpeas and Desi type chickpeas (whole and split).
  • Peas: Yellow and Green Split Peas and whole peas.
  • Other Commodities: Mustard, Canary Seed, Flax, Canola and other specialty crops.

Saskcan is the largest red lentil splitting facility in the Americas and bring 50 years of global marketing experience. Saskcan was founded on the principle of “From Producer to the World” bringing Canadian pulses to private importers, international development agencies and clients in all geographic regions. The crops are bought locally, cleaned and processed at the Plant and made available to buyers throughout the world. Saskcan is committed to supplying buyers with clean, quality products.