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One of the revolutionary new mobile apps for agriculture is Bin-Sense from IntraGrain Technologies.

Bin Sense Master UnitBin Sense Master Unit

This new wireless grain management system software allows you to remotely monitor both temperature and moisture levels on your grain bins and even sends you a message when one of the custom parameters that you set yourself is breached (email and text message).

Bin-Sense™ consists of temperature and moisture cables inside the bin, remote units, and master units. Each yard site requires one master unit to collect all of the information from the remote units on all of the other monitored bins. Bin-Sense™ consists of temperature cables, remote units, and master units. Each yard site requires one master unit to collect all of the information from the remote units on all of the other monitored bins. The communication between remote and master units is done wirelessly, and the information is then sent through the cellular network from the master unit back to where the user logins into his secure account to view the condition of the grain inside his monitored bins. Because the login is web based the user can login virtually anywhere including a normal mobile smart phone.

Bin Sense Remote UnitBin Sense Remote Unit

Here’s why it’s important.

  • Grain spoilage costs farmers profits every year. Receiving an email and text message from your account when one of your preset parameters has been breached gives you instant feedback and provides you opportunity to take immediate action to remedy the situation.
  • Warm grain invites pests and mould which reduce grain quality and profits
  • Maintain grain quality by monitoring moisture content and temperatures
  • Bin Sense allows you to control temperature and moisture wherever you are in the world – all you need is access to the internet and you can immediately see what is happening inside your grain storage.

Here’s how it works.

Temperature and Moisture Monitoring CablesTemperature and Moisture
Monitoring Cables

  • Solar powered system with battery back-up allows usage in all remote locations
  • Works with all cable equipped bins so it’s adaptable
  • Works with all brands of current Smart phones so it’s flexible
  • One Master unit per cluster, many remote units
  • You can install it and set parameters yourself saving you installation costs
  • Monitors the data from every sensor on every cable in every bin so you get a complete picture of your binned grain health. Other brands of mobile software/systems only offer an average temperature on each individual storage bin, Bin Sense software allows you to see and react to every single sensor on every cable.
  • Alerts you whenever temperature or moisture levels exceed set limits allowing you to react to limit grain spoilage
  • All data is transmitted wirelessly allowing you to monitor every sensor in every grain bin from anywhere in the world
  • The system notifies you via text message and/or email when one of your custom parameters is breached, giving you the opportunity to take remedial action immediately

NEW for 2015

With the free BIN-SENSE® Direct App, you can use your smart phone to read cables in real time (via the BIN-SENSE® Direct Handheld), organize your grain data and even upload your data to the BIN-SENSE® cloud server.