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 U Trough heavy gauge materials withstand the rigors of high useComponents of this auger series are constructed of heavy gauge materials to withstand the rigors of high use

The U-Trough auger systems are available for farm and commercial applications. Components of this series are constructed of heavy gauge materials to withstand the rigors of high use. In all our grain systems we recommend consideration of this series. The same high quality components such as reducer drives, roller gated wells, rack and pinion controls, control pipe kits and many other accessories are available with the screw type as with the en masse conveyors.

  • Available in 9″, 12″, 14″, and 16″ diameter sizes.
  • Capacities from 300 to 10,000 BPH
  • Pre-assembled: flight and bearings are installed for easy field installation


  • Wood – 9″ through 16″
  • Nylon – 9″ through 16″
  • Ball Bearing (sealed) – 9″ through 16″


  • End Flanges
  • Inlet adapter plate for down spout entry
  • 90° spout
  • Covered Inlet hopper
  • Inlet Slide gate for under-bin use
  • Drops with enclosed slide gate
  • Rack and pinion openers
  • Dodge gear reducer drive
  • Direct belt drive
  • Two and four-chain reducer drives
  • Standard Lengths are 5′ & 10′, or 6′ & 12′, but any length can be ordered
  • gauge is 14, 12, or 10
  • Flight strips from 3/16 to 3/8″
  • Flight shafts from 2 to 31/2″


To have a custom U-Trough auger designed to your specifications, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Capacity and type of grain material.
  • Length of conveyor required
  • Drive required. Determined by capacity and length. The drive will be mounted at the discharge end unless otherwise specified. Special instructions for intake drive or side mounted drive should be noted.
  • Internal bearings are used on all U-Trough. Wood is recommended in most conditions.
  • End plate – Most U-troughs require an end plate with bearing at the end away from the drive. For a direct feed out of a trough, an internal bearing may be used instead.
  • Inlet – U-Trough installations will require at least one inlet, some will require several.
  • Outlet – All U-Troughs will require one outlet. Where the U-trough is used to fill several bins, multiple outlets may be required.