Sukup Drag Conveyors and Hy-Flight Incline Conveyors

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Sukup Hy-Flight Incline ConveyorSukup Hy-Flight Incline Conveyor


Sukup offers two Drag Conveyors. The standard drag conveyor allowing incline rates up to 10°, and the Hy-Flight Incline conveyor allowing inclines of up to 60°.

Both versions of the conveyor feature:

  • Conveyors run clean and dry due to the exclusive patented cover design
  • Single assembly bearing, sprocket and shaft saves time if maintenance removal is required
  • In case of wear, the floor panel can be removed separately without replacing the entire body
  • Long wearing heavy duty pillow block bearings on both the head and tail of the conveyors
  • Sukup Level Drag ConveyorSukup Level Drag Conveyor
  • Heavy duty construction throughout produces long wearing drag conveyors
  • Turned, ground and polished shaft ensures minimum friction and wear
  • 1/2 “UHMW paddles eliminates wear from steel to steel contact
  • Corrosion- resistant Acme thread take-up screws at the tail of the conveyor
  • Available in 6’, 8’, and 10‘ length, adjustable shroud on by-pass drive-over hoppers controls grain flow
  • By-pass inlet hoppers are available in 2', 3' and 4' lengths.

Hy-Flight Incline Conveyor Accessories:

  • Modular curve section allows curves from 10 degrees to 50 degrees in 5 degree increments.
  • Conveyor Chains & PaddlesConveyor Chains & Paddles
  • Optional abrasion-resistant liners on sides available in 10 gauge or 3/16".
  • Optional abrasion-resistant bottoms are available in 3/16" or 1/4" thicknesses.

Level Drag Conveyor Accessories:

  • Abrasion-Resistant Liners on sides are offered in 10 gauge and 3/16".
  • End relief Door prevents damage to the conveyor in the event of a discharge plug.
  • Rail Return comes standard on 21" wide or wider conveyors. Optional on 12" and 16" wide conveyors.
  • Reversing feature can take grain in multiple directions and is a great addition if you are looking to unload into two separate bins.
  • By-pass drive-over hoppers have an adjustable shroud to control flow and are available in 6', 8' or 10' lengths.
  • By-pass inlet hoppers are available in 2', 3' and 4' lengths.
  • Intermediate discharge gates can act as a separate discharge location from the head and are made up of 7 gauge construction.