Sukup Double Run Grain Conveyors - Quieter and Gentler

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The Sukup double run conveyor is the latest design in grain handling equipment. It can be used in place of a permanently installed auger, a transfer auger, a roof auger or a dryer take-away auger. In addition to this flexibility it gently handles grain, takes less power to run and operates quietly.

Sukup Double Run ConveyorSukup Double Run Conveyor

The double run conveyor is a modular design and is shipped with the tubes attached so there is no cutting required during assembly. The grain flows in the bottom tube and the chain return is in the top tube. There is an access door on the side for inspection and service.

The Double Run Conveyor can be configured with an intermediate discharge for shorter runs. An inspection port is part of this intermediate discharge to facilitate inspection and service.

The tail section contains the standard drive. Shaft mount Dodge gear reducers are standard on 8”, 10”, and 12” conveyors. Two external bearings take the chain load.

Why Use a Double Run Grain Conveyor?

Sukup Double Run Conveyor Set-UpSukup Double Run Conveyor Set-Up
  • Requires less horsepower than an auger.
  • Double-Run Conveyor runs can be longer than an auger.
  • At a 60° angle, the Double Run Conveyor can run efficiently at a much steeper angle, requiring less space.
  • UHMW paddles eliminate steel-to-steel contact so less wear and everything last longer.
  • Corrosion-resistant Acme thread take-up screws at head so no rust contamination problem.
  • UHMW paddles come attached to the chain so set-up time is cut in half.
  • Less wear and tear means much longer conveyor life so it’s more economical.
  • The Double Run Conveyor is compact, operates smoothly and quietly and requires minimum maintenance.
  • The Double Run Conveyor is more efficient and economical than augers of similar capacity and length.


  • Head drive.
  • Head discharge available at 45°, 60° and 90° angles.
  • Intermediate Dischage.
  • Dump-through tail section with gate.
  • Cover and extension for hopper.
  • Truss systems available.