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Every part of Sukup unstiffened bins starts out as blank sheet of steel that is used to create a top-quality finished product that you can be proud of. Sukup storage bins go together fast and stand up strong because of the precise manufacturing of the sidewall sheets. The advanced roll forming equipment and fixtures ensure close tolerances and high quality for the best fitting bin. The precision-engineered, 4″ wide corrugated high-strength, galvanized steel sidewall sheets of the unstiffened bin, provides better vertical load carrying capacity and also create less resistance and friction to allow grain to flow more easily. The erection of the grain bin has been streamlined by producing sidewall sheets with bolt holes that align properly, and also by pre-punching sheets for flashing and bolt-on base angle. Grade 8.2 JS 500 plated bolts with a Polyethylene seal join the 15 gauge sidewall sheets and form a weather-tight bond. The bottom sheet is available with either a rolled flange, or a bolt-on base angle ring.

Unstiffened Bin Anchor BracketUnstiffened Anchor Bracket

Unstiffened Bin Anchor Brackets

The patented design of the anchor brackets allows them to be reversed for use with either bolt-on base angle or rolled flange. The anchor bracket, 22″ high, also serves as a short stiffener. Extending the bracket reduces the stresses caused by vertical loads on the sidewall sheets at the bottom ring. The two-piece, channel-shape, “L” bracket transfers the vertical load directly to the concrete slab, rather than through the shoe, preventing damage to the bracket and/or the bottom bin sheet. The bracket also prevents vertical and horizontal movement of the bottom bin sidewall sheets. The exclusive two-piece design allows the bracket to flex with the settling of the bin

Extra Strong Roof – 5000 lb.

The roof is designed to withstand 40 lb/sq. ft. ground snow loads and wind loads generated from 90 mph gust wind speeds. This is done with high strength steel and each sheet is ridged every 4″ to increase the stiffness of the panels, making them easier to handle. 3″ ribs serve as rafters for the roof structure, thereby; strengthening the sheets. The two bends on each side of the ribs further increase strength, allowing the roof to withstand heavy snow loads and high winds. The extra step of using two different size rollers, make the ribs on the roof sheets extra strong. With this system, the upper (overlapping) rib is slightly larger than the lower, allowing the sheets to completely overlap and nest properly and create a tight seal. The roof sheets are supported every 9-3/8″ at the eave by double-tab roof clips to provide maximum strength. Roof fastening clips may be set in either the “up” position for exhausting moisture saturated air when drying or the “down” position for storage situations. Serrated flange nuts are used to join and secure the roof panels. The flange makes erection quicker and easier and the serrations grip the roof surface and prevent the nut from working loose.

Unstiffened Grain BinsUnstiffened Grain Bins


  • Large Manhole – The oval manhole opening measures 20″ x 35.5, allowing over 5 ft2 of air exhaust area.
  • Door, two designs – A 66″ door with 7 or fewer rings and a 44″ door for 8 rings or more.
  • Step – Made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel with a non-slip surface.
  • Extra-Large, Extra-Strong Fill Hole – An extra-large 38″ that provides 8 ft2 of air exhaust area.
  • Inner Door – Reversible, designed to swing open a full 180° to rest flat against the sidewall.Roof Rungs and Ladders – all bins are equipped with eave-to-peak roof rungs.
  • Proper Ventilation – Roof sheets can be pre-punched for 18″ roof vents.

Bin Foundations