Commercial Sweep Auger Bin Unloading System

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Commercial Electric Sweep AugerCommercial Electric Sweep Auger

The Springland 6000 Series Sweep Auger is designed for large grain storage bins up to 135 feet in diameter. This bin unloader features the positive drive advancement system, zero entry design, and the standard setting elevator wheel sweep advancement system. There are two versions of the bin sweep, an electric model and, where power is not readily available, a hydraulic drive model.

Standard Features:

Positive Drive System

Commercial Electric Sweep AugerCommercial Hydraulic Sweep Auger

The Commercial Sweep uses a hydraulically driven Positive Drive System (PDS) to advance the sweep. A hydraulic pump, with controls located outside the bin, supply oil flow to the PDS motor. Pressure and flow are adjustable for various grain conditions.

Sweep Drive

The sweep drive motor is located below the bin floor surface. The motor and electrical junctions are not exposed to grain flow, reducing the risks and hazards of dust explosions.

The drive system is accessible from within a service tunnel located below the bin or from inside the bin by removing a steel cover plate.

Hydraulic Advancement Control Cabinet

Bin Sweep control is located on the bin exterior. Includes a hydraulic power pack for the Positive Drive System.

  • Zero Entry Sweep Control
  • Hydraulic Flush Mount Hydraulic Flush Mount
  • Efficient Sweep Drive
  • Durable Frame Construction
  • Positive Drive System
  • Safe Operation

Options for Hydraulic

  • Surface Mount - Ideal for installing into existing bins for retro-fit
  • Flush Mount

* Additional Power unit is required for either mounting option