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SeedStor is the finest metal storage system and was designed for farmers who grow seed, or who are seeking super fast, controlled unloading of their product. It combines Westeel's unstiffened Wide-Corr technology (specially configured for hopper application) with a grain bin cone in an affordable all-in-one package. SeedStor and SeedStor-K are designed along the same lines as other exceptional seed storage systems from Westeel. In other words, cost effective and reliable.

Seedstor Knockdown Seed Storage System width=Seedstor Knockdown Storage System

The SeedStor-K storage system provides the same high quality bin/cone combination as SeedStor with the advantages of a unique knockdown cone design. This design allows the cone to be shipped flat and then assembled on site, providing significant savings on transportation costs. And, because the cone is built as an integral part of the bin, the assembly will be quicker, more precise and will produce an overall more dependable product.

Exceptional Clean Out with a 45° Cone

What good is a bin cone if all the grain won’t flow out? Are you going to crawl into the bin and push it out? How about wet or damp grain, will it flow? Make sure the hopper bin you buy has been designed with at least a 45° cone slope!

Also, unlike some seed storage systems, which use light internal stiffeners backed by foam, SeedStor has no internal stiffeners, thereby eliminating the potential for grain or product hang-up. This in turn reduces the likelihood of fungus growth and insect infestation.

Ideal for Preserved Seed Storage

Seedstor Remote Cap Opener width=Seedstor Remote Cap Opener

SeedStor incorporates the latest in seed storage technology, making it perfect for the storage of identity preserved seed and today's higher density crops such as durum and peas. Because the bin and cone are perfectly matched, optimal structural integrity is obtained for the strongest unstiffened bin/cone combination anywhere.

Movable Storage Bins, Non-Permanent Design

SeedStor features a specially designed steel base that allows it to be placed on any properly prepared gravel foundation. Not only are you saving the cost of a permanent concrete foundation, you’ll also have easily movable seed storage system should the need ever arise.

Designed for Optimal Strength Guaranteed to Last

Engineered for exceptional strength, this seed storage system has been tested to 50% overload so it can handle any crop without fear of structural failure. It features HSS (Hollow Structural Section) steel construction legs for superior vertical and lateral strength. Mounting a bin on an unmatched cone can cause failure of the ring beam thereby causing structural failure of the bin wall. Because of this, most bin warranties in the industry are voided if a non-manufacturer approved cone is installed on the bin. With SeedStor, you have peace of mind knowing both the bin and the cone are made by and warranted by Westeel, even for the storage of peas

Attractively Priced Storage for Seed

Seedstor Bolt On Inspection Hatch width=Seedstor Bolt On Insoection Hatch

SeedStor has been specially priced to provide an attractive alternative to buying the bin and cone separately. When you compare quality and what is included in the complete bin package, SeedStor comes out far ahead.

Hook On Ground Ladder can be removed or placed out of reach of small children for added farm safety.

Remote Cap Opener is innovative in its design. The lid opens in a horizontal sliding motion to avoid wind damage. The 33″ fill cap opening mechanism is protected from the elements when the lid is closed. Remote controlled fill cap opener eliminates the need to climb on the roof as it can be controlled safely from ground level.

Grain Gauge

Safety Cage is available for added safety when ascending and descending the wall ladder on larger bin installations.

Over Eaves Rail provides easier and safer transition between the roof ladder and the bin wall ladder.

Removable Aeration System Bolt-on Inspection Hatch