Meridian Grain Max Bins -Seamless Interior For Easy Unloading

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Meridian Grain Max hopper bins offer top quality crop protection at prices comparable to bolted corrugated hopper bins. Without bolts or ribs, the seamless interior features safe and easy unloading and ensures zero cross contamination caused by hang-ups in walls or joints. Grain Max offers design advancements, quality material selection, a premium powder coated finish and the best warranty in the business. Grain Max bins are used to handle and store fertilizer, grain, feed and seed and any other free-flowing, dry granular commodity.

Grain Max BinsGrain Max Bins


  • All welded, smooth-wall construction – no bolts or ribs
  • Hollow structural steel legs and bracing – for added strength and durability
  • Premium Rack-n-Pinion slide gate with crank – for easy unloading
  • Complete sidewall and roof ladder – for safe, easy access
  • 25″ top opening – for ease of entry
  • Vented Top Lid – Spring loaded and ground operated – no need for climbing
  • Minimum 40° bottom cone and 35° roof cone – for easy unloading and snow shedding
  • 24″ clearance under the slide gate – for ease of auger access

Durable Finish

Grain Max Bins Hooper ClearanceGrain Max Bins Hopper Clearance
  • Twice the “salt spray rating” of regular powders
  • Best in industry edge coverage on sharp surfaces
  • Superior adhesion to all steel including seams and smooth surfaces
  • Extra abrasion resistance
  • Additional slip factor for improved product flow and cleanliness
  • Five year paint warranty on all SmoothWall hopper bins (excluding liquid/commercial)


  • Aeration Systems (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Bottom Manway
  • Grain Max BaseGrain Max Base
  • Roof Manhole
  • Bin Level Indicators
  • Ladder cage and handrails
  • Steel Base