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Designed for safe long-term storage of fertilizer, grain, seed, and feed, the Magnum series of smooth wall hopper bins are constructed of heavy gauge steel and assembled vertically to produce a perfectly round bin with extremely smooth assembly joints and a more attractive appearance overall. 10-year structural guarantee and 30-month coating warranty


  • Designed for the safe, long-term storage of fertilizer, grain or seed
  • 700 bu. to 6077 bu. Capacity
  • 27 to 223 tons
  • Available in 40° and 55° bottom cones
Magnum F Smoothwall Bin Magnum F Smoothwall Bin


  • Perfect for the storage of grain, seed and feed
  • 1,140 to 6,070 bu. Capacity
  • Available in 40° and 55° bottom cones

Magnum Series Features:

Exceptional Cleanout

  • On Magnum-F and Magnum-G bins, a steep 40˚ or 55˚ cone slope, and a wide 24" opening help eliminate the potential for product hang-up and the possibility of insect or mold contamination due to incomplete bin clean-out. In addition, Magnum-F features a slip-additive in the interior epoxy which reduces friction and improves clean-out.

Superior Finish

  • Westeel employs a state-of-the-art paint process on its Magnum Series bins for superior protection from weather and corrosion. Our exterior finish consists of a two-part industrial epoxy primer to which is added a two-component acrylic epoxy topcoat. This results in a highly durable chemical and scratch resistant finish suitable for the harshest Canadian conditions. For the interior of the Magnum-F, we apply an industrial grade coating comprised of a two-component high gloss food grade epoxy paint with slip additives, which help promote material flow and superior clean-out

Standard Equipment on Magnum F & Magnum G

Magnum G Smoothwall Bin Magnum G Smoothwall Bin
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Built vertically for exact seam alignment
  • Wire fed plasma welded for seamless interior
  • Pressed grain bin cone sheets for increased strength
  • Remote controlled vented lid with 24" opening
  • Inspection hatch at base of cone
  • Side wall and roof ladder
  • Rack and pinion slide gate
  • High strength steel square tubular legs
  • Vented legs to prevent freezing damage
  • 40º or 55˚ bottom cone slope
  • 26″hopper clearance
  • Double welded cone seams (Internally and externally)
  • Three extra-large sight glasses

Additionally on Magnum F

  • Internally/external double welded hopper cone seams
  • Poke hole
  • Interior industrial two-component high gloss food grade epoxy
  • Stainless steel rack and pinion slide gate


  • Top roof inspection hatch
  • Pail spouts
  • Custom decals and colours
  • Safety cages
  • Auger boots
  • Custom Cone Slopes
  • Steel foundation (6,070 bu. max.)
  • Easycheck™ temperature and moisture cables
  • Rocket aeration
  • Leg extensions
  • LevALERT™ indicator