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Introducing the newest addition to Westeel’s proven Centurion line, Centurion W grain silos. Centurion W represents the latest in stiffened silo technology and has been designed to specifically for the needs of smaller commercial elevator operations and large farms. It uses Westeel’s new VSS Stiffener to create bins that are the strongest possible with the most efficient use of steel.

Westeel Centurion W  Grain StorageWesteel Centurion W Grain Storage

Specifically engineered for exceptional sidewall strength, Centurion stiffened sidewalls are over 2½ times more efficient at achieving the maximum load possible out of each pound (lb) of steel as compared to competitive unstiffened bins. That means you can attain the additional strength you want without the extra expense of having to use heavier gauge.

New Variable Section Stiffener (VSS)

The secret behind the Centurion W ‘s strength lies in Westeel’s new Variable Section Stiffener (VSS), which matches stiffener thickness and size to the vertical load. The Centurion W bin series utilize the first of the three stiffener sections from the Centurion Commercial bins series. The stiffener is made of pre-galvanized material and has been designed for maximum strength and resistance to high wind loads. Westeel’s Variable Section Stiffener also makes use of a new laminating system, which maximizes strength but is easier to install. For added strength the stiffeners go all the way to the eaves line.

Heavy Duty Construction

Westeel Centurion W  Commercial Grain StorageCenturion W Commercial Grain Storage

All of Centurion sidewall sheets have a 4″ corrugation and feature a G115 galvanized coating, which is 28% heavier than the industry standard. Proven in laboratory tests, Centurion W’s G115 galvanized steel provides 25% better protection over conventional G90 and almost 60% more protection over Galfan’s economy aluminum-zinc blend, which is prone to atmospheric darkening.

Most sheets are rolled from high strength, 50-ksi steel that allows for stronger, yet lighter sheets. These sheets have been punched using a unique computer-optimized pattern that maximizes structural integrity of the bin while minimizing the number of bolts required. Lighter sheets combined with the use of fewer bolts overall provides Centurion W bins with the added advantage of being easier and faster to erect.

All Centurion W bins, up to 48′ diameter and 12 tiers high, include the Westeel walk-in door as standard equipment. Designed to deliver exceptional strength and provide a weather-tight seal for aeration applications, the walk-in door’s extra long opening allows you to enter the bin upright and easily manoeuvre when using equipment or emptying the bin.

A Roof with Exceptional Strength

Featuring a 30° slope for quick moisture run-off, Centurion W roofs have been engineered for exceptional strength with large integral ribs formed right into the roof panels. Roof models 15′ to 24′ in diameter are die punched to provide a precise fit during assembly and are designed to withstand peak loads of up to 4,000 lb. Models 27′ in diameter can carry peak loads up to 2,000 lb and feature larger longitudinal ribs for greater structural integrity. Roof rings are available for higher snow loads conditions for models 21′ to 48′ in diameter

Standard Equipment

Westeel Bin Roof VentWesteel Bin Roof Vent
  • VSS stiffener system
  • G115 galvanizing
  • 65,000 psi tensile strength steel
  • Grade 8.2 bolts, JS 500 coating
  • 4″ wall corrugation
  • 44″ high wall sheets
  • Westeel’s new Century Door
  • Extra sturdy roofs
  • Larger wind ring assembly(when required)
  • Grain GaugeT (up to 9 tiers)
  • Remote cap opener (up to 9 tiers)
  • Roof ladder
  • Inspection hatch


  • Ladder
  • Safety cage
  • Platform
  • SealForm foundation system
  • Full floor aeration
  • Circ-Air aeration
  • EasyFlow U-Trough or Tube unload system
  • Roof vents
  • EasyCheck temperature cables
  • Hopper cones

Bin Foundations