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Custom Flush Floor Aeration systems are available for farm, commercial, and export sales. They include a wide variety of floor layouts and floor materials for an extensive range of bin sizes. Flush floor systems provide the optimum aeration performance. Flush floor Aeration Systems are shipped complete and pre-cut ready to install in formed concrete ducts. Fans and transitions must be purchased separately.


Cor-Perf Flush Floor Aeration System

  • Corrugated perforated sheets
  • Solid sheets
  • Monorail and legs
  • Teebars
  • Flashing
  • Tiebars

Cor-Lok Flush Floor Aeration System or Channel-Lok Flush Floor Aeration System

  • Cor-lok or Chan-lok planks
  • Solid cover material
  • Grandstands
  • Teebars
  • Flashing

Aeration systems do not include fans or transitions. These must be ordered separately.

The two most important factors in choosing a system are eave height (this directly effects airflows) for a particular diameter and desired airflow rate per bushel.

The eave height must not be exceeded for a system to be effective. Use of a floor for an eave height more than stated may lead to inadequate perforated floor area, therefore less airflow. The number of floor supports and floor gauge may also be less than recommended.

The airflow rate, cfm/bu, must not be exceeded for a system to be effective. Use of airflows higher than listed for a particular floor may lead to increased static pressures and poor fan performance.

Aeration floors are sized on a bin volume basis, therefore the grain to be used has no effect on floor characteristics (except for customer preference, very small grains, or use of the bin for materials other than grain). The final airflow rate is determined by the fans necessary to meet the grain conditions.

The floor layout is determined by customer needs, i.e. number of fans, fan location, unloading restrictions, etc., along with good design principles.

“I” configuration is used in bins from 15 to 21′ in diameter. “Y” configuration is used in bins 24 to 36′ in diameter, and “Double T” configuration is used in bins 33 to 48′ in diameter.

These systems are designed for aeration only, not drying. These systems are intended for use in bins no taller than 7 rings (18’8″ eave) 2.66 corrugation or 5 rings (18’4″ eave) 4.00 ” corrugation. Maximum recommended airflow rate is 1/10 cfm/bu.

Should it be necessary to use this type of floor in taller bins, up to 33′ eave height, refer to Skyway for specifications. Unlike the “duct assembly” system set into the concrete, these floors require “formed” tunnels for use with cor-lok planks. These systems take advantage of the maximum span for cor-lok at 33′ eave height and need no grandstands. Please contact Skyway for proper concrete dimensions.