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Girouxville, Alberta

Fast In Fast Out AugerAugers Replace Truck Dump in Fast In Fast Out

The grain handling system on the Fern Doucette farm combines the convenience of a grain pump with the economical use of Fast In Fast Out augers to load and unload the system and grain trucks. The facility is situated near Girouxville, south of Peace River, Alberta. Doucette operates a 4500 acre grain farm and built most of the grain handling system himself along with the help of friends and neighbours.

The first phase included the construction of four 27’ flat bottom grain bins with bottom inlet components of a future grain pump included in the installation. The plan was to eventually install a grain pump, so installing the bottom inlet and tube components in bins when they were erected rather than ripping out the aeration floor to install the grain pump bottom components at a later date (after the fact) was a more efficient use of resources. In the interim, Fern used screw auger flighting and a powerhead inserted into the grain pump tube to unload the bins until he decided to go ahead and finish off the complete grain pump loop.

Grain Pump Around Hopper BinsGrain Pump Around Hopper Bins

The next step was to complete a 6” Grain Pump Loop. The system was limited to a 6” grain pump x 2000 BPH because the farm had only single phase power. Many farms are faced with this dilemma when installing grain handling equipment. The largest economical electric motor that single phase power can run is 14 HP. Although there are bigger motors available that can run on single phase power, the cost is prohibitive. The Doucette system is driven with two 14 HP motors on a dual motor drive corner.

When Fern decided to complete the Grain Pump Loop he added 9 x 19’ hoppers to the row and wrapped the Loop around all 11 bins.

The 6” Grain Pump will move grain at the rate of 2000 BPH. At that rate, it takes too long to unload a truck so Fern uses his 13” portable swing away auger to unload trucks into the end hopper tank at 8000 BPH.

Portable AugerPortable Auger Speeds Up Loading/Unloading
As the truck returns to the field for another load, the grain pump moves the grain from the end surge receiving hopper tank into any another bin in the line – by the time the truck returns with another load of grain the surge receiving hopper bin is empty and ready to take the next load.

Unloading the grain system employs the same procedure in reverse. The grain from the bin to be unloaded is first moved to the surge receiving/loadout hopper bin. This is accomplished by dropping the grain directly into the grain pump and moving it into the receiving bin. The cone bottom of the receiving/loadout hopper bin has a flopper valve that Doucette designed and installed which can direct the grain into the grain pump, by remaining closed, or divert the grain into an auger that transports it to a 10” truck loading auger. The truck auger fills the truck in half an hour at the rate of 4000 bu/hr.