Wide-Corr Farm Bins with Variable Section Stiffener Technology

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Westeel’s Wide-Corr Farm grain bins replace traditional bin stiffeners with Variable Section Stiffener technology, which accommodates vertical load by varying the thickness of steel from top to bottom. The technology works on the principle that the greater the vertical load required, the larger the stiffener section should be. This means the uprights and the section change in thickness from top to bottom. The upright laminating system allows the use of pre-galvanized material and minimizes the use of the splice plates in most connections. Silos are made of heavy gauge ultra-flat 4” corrugated G115 galvanized steel.

Wide Corr Farm Silo Wide Corr Farm Silo

Wide-Corr Grain Bins Feature:

  • Ultra flat 4" corrugation pattern provides superior clean-out without compromising structural strength.
  • Heavy gauge ultra-flat 4" corrugated G115 galvanized steel, 25% heavier than the industry standard for greater protection against the elements and longer bin life
  • Sheets are rolled from high strength 50-ksi steel ,44" tall, resulting in fewer, lighter, stronger sheets that have fewer seams for improved weather protection
  • Flat corrugations result in easier more complete clean-out
  • The heavy bottom angle secures the bin and ensures a positive seal between the sidewall and foundation.
  • Double and sometimes triple bolting(triple on some large diameter bins) all sidewall sheets with high strength Grade 8.2 JS500 zinc plated bolts with Polyethylene washers to ensure a weather-tight seal for each bolt.
  • Factory assembled and installed, a standard heavy-duty 24" crawl door manufactured on a heavy corrugated frame which bolts to the wall sheets for secure fit and easy access

Innovative Roof Design Up To 63% Stronger

The new roof design features:
  • fewer parts than the competition and an innovative design, making it the fastest and easiest roof to install in the industry.
  • It assembles more easily, requires fewer panels and is available with pre-punched vent openings, eliminating the need to cut openings on site.
  • Wider roof panels make possible a standard 24" inspection hatch on all models.
  • Roof strength has also been improved thanks to 100% bolting on all roof panels and a tight middle connection.
  • For insurance against sagging and leaking from heavy loads of snow or ice, heavy beam roof framing supports with patented continuous ring-purlins and tension plates have also been incorporated.

Standard Equipment

Wide Corr FRemote Cap Opener Wide Corr Remote Cap Opener
  • Remote cap opener
  • Wide fill cap
  • Roof ladder
  • Inspection hatch
  • Grain Gauge™
  • Century Door
  • Pre-punched bottom wall sheet for easy installation of full floor aeration flashing
  • Roof rings (33' to 48' only)

Optional Accessories

  • Roof vents
  • Wall ladders
  • Platforms
  • Full floor aeration
  • Easycheck™temperature and moisture cables
  • Wide Corr Bin Roof Vent Wide Corr Bin Roof Vent
  • Roof rings (27' to 48')
  • Catwalks
  • Pass through rails
  • Spiral stairs
  • Circ Air aeration system
  • Foundation shim tape
  • Auger hood
  • Inside ladder
  • Safety cages
  • Sealform foundation system
  • Easyflow™U-T rough or tube unload system
  • Hopper cones
  • Roof inspection hatch reinforcing kit
  • Century door for auger
  • Wind rings

Bin Foundations