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The Sukup stiffened farm bin is an economical grain storage alternative. Adding outside stiffeners or uprights to the side wall of the bin allows the use of lighter gauge sidewall sheets compared to an unstiffened bin, resulting in a storage bin with slightly less pounds of steel when compared to the same size of bin in the unstiffened version – less pounds of steel means more economical. Your first thought might be that less pounds of steel results in less strength but that is not the case, the biggest load a bin faces is when it is unloaded, the drag on the side wall as the grain is drawn out of the bin is the largest load our engineers have to deal with, the stiffeners/uprights actually handle this load better than a wall sheet does on an unstiffened bin (that is why the wall sheets on a unstiffened bin must be thicker than the wall sheets on a stiffened bin). Stiffening also provides excellent structural stability in areas where you have higher than normal wind and seismic concerns. The stiffeners transfer loads directly to the foundation, resulting in less stress on the sidewall sheets – all the side wall sheets are doing is holding the circle together.

So when you add it all up an outside stiffened bin makes a lot of sense in a lot of different applications.

Bin Stiffeners

Grain Bin StiffenerBin Stiffener

Sukup stiffeners have up to a 42,000 lb. effective load capacity. The shape of the stiffeners was developed specifically to make them the strongest stiffeners on the market. It all starts with high-strength steel (ASTM A653, Grade 50). Extra-strong stiffeners are made from high-strength steel, which is bent and formed into a specifically engineered, stiffened-hat shape that maximizes the strength of the steel. The end result is a stiffener that will stand straight and strong for many years – and bushels – to come.

Base Stiffeners are Longer and Stronger

Base stiffeners are 91″ to cover the bottom two sheets and extend above the horizontal seam of the sheets for better support and structural integrity. Standard stiffeners are 88″ to cover two sheets. Sukup stiffened bins are available with bolt-on base angle only.

Extra Strong Roof

Interior Bin Roof Ring for Extra Strength Interior Roof Ring for Extra Strength

This bin roof is designed to withstand 40 lb/sq. ft. ground snow loads and wind loads generated from 90 mph gust wind speeds. And, it all starts out with high-strength steel. Each sheet is rigidized every 4″ to increase the stiffness of the panels, making them easier to handle. The 3″ ribs serve as rafters for the roof structure, thereby; strengthening the sheets. The two bends on each side of the ribs further increase strength, allowing this bin roof to withstand heavy snow loads and high winds. Sukup takes the extra step of using two different size rollers to make the ribs on our roof sheets. With this system, the upper (overlapping) rib is slightly larger than the lower, allowing the sheets to completely overlap and nest properly. The high-strength steel, rigidizing, and 3″ ribs all work together to give these stiffened bins their outstanding roof strength.

Heavy Duty Bin Roof Heavy Duty Bin Roof

Bins up to 48′ diameter feature our standard farm roof which allows for 5000 lbs evenly loaded on the peak of the roof. This peak loading can easily be upgraded to 8000 lbs by adding our interior roof ring which is a 2.5” tube rolled into a circle and mounted on the underside of the roof – this upgrade allows you to use the peak of the bin to support things like conveyor catwalk or bucket elevator spouting – in a lot of cases it will erase the need for extra structures to support these conveyor catwalks or spouts (see picture to the right showing a catwalk supported with just the peak of some 30’ Sukup Hopper tanks). See picture to the right for illustration of this interior roof ring. Standard roofs are engineered for a 40 lb/ft2 ground snow load and 90 mph wind, we upgrade our roof system all the time for areas that present higher snow and wind loads. The 54′ and 60′ diameter models feature our 15,000 lb. roof. Our 15,000 lb. roof has the same external roof sheet structure as our standard roof, but has the added support of external roof rings and inner C-shaped rafters and purlins. A Sukup roof is supported every 9 3/8″ at the eave by double-tab roof clips. The serrations grip the roof surface and prevent the nuts from working loose over time.

Rigidized Roof PanelsHRigidized Roof Panels

Commercial Stiffeners

Along with a full line of farm-duty bins, Sukup also manufactures a full line of commercial bins. Not all stiffeners are designed alike, and not all stiffeners perform alike. Sukup commercial stiffeners are made from 65,000 PSI tensile strength steel. Their computer-engineered shape was developed specifically to make them the strongest on the market. Our 60,000 lb. effective load capacity* tells us we’ve succeeded in meeting our objective; and, the chart at right proves it.

Bin Foundations