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Camrose, Alberta

Economical Grain SystemTyler Shultze Economical Grain System

Tyler Shultze supports his young family on 3500 acres of grain growing land near Camrose, Alberta. Like many young farmers, Tyler’s operation is just not big enough to afford lots of employees so a lot of the work has to be done by him and his wife. Skyway was asked to design a system that he could operate himself, with a little help, that would allow him to multi-task during harvest.

Skyway and Tyler worked together for a few months to design the system that would best suit Tylers needs and preferences.

The equipment that makes up the final design is as follows:

  • 6” – 2000 BPH Hutchinson Grain Pump which runs on Single Phase motors
  • 13 x 5000 bushel Meridian hopper bottom bins
  • Portable Grain AugerTyler Shultze Portable Grain Auger
  • Lambton bucket elevator for dry grain away from the dryer
  • Vertec grain dryer
  • 1500 BPH Lambton bucket elevator for dry grain away from the dryer
  • Side spout from top of Grain Pump/Loop for truck loading
  • 13”- 9,000 bushels per hour portable auger for unloading trucks fast
  • 2 , 8” round augers 1500 BPH (in front and behind Dryer)

From the get go, this project was about economy. The grain handling system had to be big enough to handle the grain produced and had to be able to handle the trucks coming from the field in a timely manner, but Skyway was operating on a strict budget, so a money saving option was a priority.

Tyler Shultze wanted a workable system that would connect all of his bins, run the aeration fans, run the grain dryer and move grain between the dryer and the bins and to the extent that he doesn’t have to be in the yard all of the time.

Grain DryerTyler Shultze Grain Dryer

Since the Grain Pump, at only 2000 bu./hour is not fast enough to keep up with the combine and the trucks during harvest, this system uses a portable grain auger to unload the trucks faster into the end hopper at 9000 BPH and allow the truck to get back to the field in time to reload. The 6” Grain Pump loops system then transfers the grain from the surge hopper at the end to which ever bin Tyler wants it relocated to while the truck is gone. If the grain is wet it goes into the wet bin and then into an auger off the bottom of this bin into the grain dryer. The dried grain is fed into a Lambton Bucket Elevator and then up into two dry surge bins. The dry surge bins are necessary because the grain dryer throughput is only about 400 bu./hr. When the two dry surge bins are full, they are emptied into the Grain Pump and the dry grain is moved into bins further down the line for long term storage – no need to empty the dry grain into a truck with an auger, drive it across yard, empty the truck into another auger and up into long term storage, Tyler does it with the push of a button!

Economical Grain System Design

Hopper Bottom BinsTyler Shutlze Hopper Bottom Bins

The art of economical grain system design lies in how the pieces are put together. The grain moves the same, regardless of the price of the pieces but substantial savings can be realized by planning with the goal of economy.

In Tyler Schultze’s case we could have used a large version of the grain pump, either the 10” or 12”, and the trucks could have been unloaded directly into the loop from the truck. Using the smaller 6” Grain pump at 2000 BPH the system costs was reduced considerably.

Another consideration in the system design was the available power source. With only single phase power available at the Schultze farm the system had to stay within the constraints that single phase power presents. As the bushel per hour capacities go up so does the HP needed to convey and elevate grain at these higher rates. Not only are high HP electric motors expensive in Single phase you are constrained by the amount of total amp service single phase power sources allow. Once you start requiring grain handling systems with around 4000 BPH and up the ability to do it with a single phase power source gets impossible. With the Schultze’s system using the 2000 BPH Grain Pump to transfer grain to anywhere in the system and the fast in-loading of grain with his 13” portable auger we have satisfied all the needs Tyler had when we first met.

Balancing the requirements of the Client in terms of cost, while greatly reducing the additional amount of time and effort required to manage Tyler’s grain handling operations was crucial. Skyway Grain Systems makes its living designing grain systems that that get the job done, at a price the average farmer can afford.