Hutchinson Drive-Over Chair Conveyor – Portable or Permanent

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Hutchinson Drove Over Chain ConveyorHutchinson Drove Over Chain Conveyor

Designed for easy movement between multiple bin sites, the Hutchinson Drive Over Chain Conveyor makes unloading grain trucks and trailers an easy task. It can be towed behind a truck or tractor and set up quickly for maximum efficiency.

The Hutchinson Drive Over Hopper was created to save time when unloading a grain trailer. With a full width hopper opening you can completely open the grain chute door without moving the truck to fully open the door. Once the truck is parked, you can dump the front hopper then move the truck one time to dump the back hopper. When the job is finished, you can drive away without having to roll or swing hoppers out of the way.

Drive-Over Chain Conveyor Features:

  • Capacity up to 10,000 BPH (electric drive with Dodge gear reducer)
  • Hydraulic folding ramps with extensions available
  • A full-width receiving hopper with removable drive-over covers
  • 3/8” thick Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) paddles and 7-gauge housing.
  • AR divider panel
  • Stationary model available (less ramps and axle)

Key Features

  • Hydraulic ramps and axles for quick setup and transportation
  • General Dimensions Graphic
  • Integrated grating (3’ – 6 ¾” x 3/8”) with optional full-width grating available