Sukup Commercial Grain Bins

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Sukup Million Bushel bins, designed for storage only, set the standard for commercial grain storage. With maximum capacities from 42, 969 to 1,522,863 bushels, there are bins to fit the needs of any operation.

Standard Features

Sukup Commercial Grain Bins Sukup Commercial Grain Bins


  • 4" wide corrugation, 44" tall sidewall sheets.
  • Bolts are grade 8.2 for added strength with JS1000 or equivalent coating for exceptional corrosion protection.
  • 70,000 PSI tensile strength steel.


  • Inside door panels open flat against bin wall
  • Hammerhead door latch allows single-handed operation


  • Rigidized roof panel with 3" Rib
  • 20" x 35.5" Manhole
  • Manhole cover lays flat on the roof when open to prevent the accumulation of water and bees wings that can occur.
  • 48" Peak Opening.
  • 15,000, 30,000 and 50,000 lb. roofs come equipped with a 1/4" thick, 60" diameter diamond deck steel lid that provides a solid base for conveying equipment or fill spouts.
  • Sukup Commercial Bin Roof Sukup Commercial Bin Roof
  • The strength of the 30,000 lb. roof comes from double C-shaped channels forming I-beam rafters with C-shaped purlins.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Bolts are treated with JS1000 or equivalent coating for exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • 70,000 PSI tensile strength steel
  • *Sukup roof load ratings are based on a peak load evenly distributed on peak ring as pure vertical peak load with uniformly distributed roof snow load calculated from 40 psf ground snow zone or 90 mph wind zone as defined by ASCE7-05 Code.


  • 2 or 3 stiffeners per sidewall designs available.
  • Made from 70,000 psi minimum tensile strength galvanized steel.
  • Externally-mounted only.
  • Computer-engineered design makes Sukup stiffeners extra strong.


  • 44" door is optional on shorter Sukup Commercial Bins.
  • 135' & 156' Commercial Bins have a 50,000* lb roof peak load with 100,000* lb optional.
  • 26" x 28" optional One-ring door is available on bins up to 105', 25-ring
  • A walk-through door is also available as an option.
  • An optional skid steer door is available for even greater access.
  • Sukup Commercial Roof Rings Sukup Commercial Roof Rings
  • 42' Commercial Bins have a 5000 lb* roof peak load standard with 15,000 or 30,000* lb. roof optional
  • 48' Commercial Bins have an 8000 lb* roof peak load standard with 15,000 or 30,000* lb. roof optional.
  • 105' Commercial Bins have a 30,000* lb. roof peak load standard with 50,000* or 100,000 lb. optional.
  • 54' & 60' Commercial Bins have a 15,000* lb. roof peak load standard with 30,000* lb. optional roof peak load.
  • 72'-78' Commercial Bins have a 30,000* lb. roof peak load standard with 15,000* lb. optional.
  • 90' Commercial Bins have a 30,000* lb. roof peak load standard with 15,000, 50,000*, or 100,000 lb. optional.

Additional Options

  • 15,000; 30,000; 50,000; or 100,000 lb. roof rating options - dependent upon bin diameter
  • Bottom sheet can be pre-punched for various Sukup floor support heights (up to 105' dia.).
  • Side draw systems available on commercial bins up to 105' dia. (MUST be specified when ordering).
  • Transition openings can be pre-cut for Sukup Fans at a nominal charge
  • Exclusive 18" Poly Roof Vents are virtually indestructible Debris deflectors prevent dirt, fines and other trash from collecting behind the vent 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • 18" roof vent cut-outs feature a 1-1/8" lip to prevent leakage.
  • Tapered Poly Eave Vents are also available. Tapered vents are placed high on the bin roof and are used in conjunction with standard 18" vents.
  • Power Roof Exhausters are available
  • Walk-through door is a convenient option on all models of Sukup Commercial Bins.