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These premium corrugated steel bins feature 44″ extra sturdy wall sheets, positive rib seal, and factory assembled heavy-duty access door.

Westeel bins feature:

Westeel Wide-Corr Centurion Grain StorageWesteel Wide Corr Centurion Grain Storage
  • Corrugated side-wall sheets
    The 4″ corrugated sidewall sheets are engineered for fast erection and greater strength.
  • Wall Stiffeners
    Heavy-duty wall stiffeners are used on all commercial grain bins. The heavy-duty base plate, which is bolted to the stiffener, anchors the bin to the foundation.
  • Roof Design
    Roof is specially re-enforced to accommodate auxiliary equipment and heavy snow loads. The roof is attached to the sidewalls with a heavy gauge top angle and the 30° slope promotes moisture run-off and maximum usable capacity.

Featuring Super Strong Sidewall Sheets

Centurion sidewall sheets are made from G115 galvanized steel which is 25% heavier galvanizing than the traditional industry standard G90 and provides a longer coating life for your steel grain bin against the elements. Most sheets are rolled from high strength 50-ksi steel and are 44″ tall, which means you use fewer sheets that are lighter but stronger; therefore, fewer seams for improved weather protection and faster installation. Their ultra flat 4″ corrugation pattern provides superior cleanout without compromising structural strength.

Heavy Bottom Angle

Westeel Wide-Corr Centurion Grain StorageWesteel Wide Corr Centurion Grain Storage

A heavy bottom angle is used to secure the bin and ensure a positive seal between the sidewall and the foundation.

New Variable Section Stiffeners (VSS)

Centurion utilizes an all-new upright technology called Variable Section Stiffener (VSS), which works on the principle that the greater the vertical load required, the larger the stiffener section should be. This means the uprights and the section change in thickness from top to bottom. For additional value, our new upright laminating system allows the use of pre-galvanized material and minimizes the use of the splice plates in most connections.

Specially Designed Crawl Door

Factory assembled and installed, Centurion features a standard heavy-duty 24″ diameter crawl door manufactured on a heavy wall sheet for secure fit and easy access.

High Strength Bolts

Westeel double bolts (triple on some large diameter bins) all sidewall sheets with high strength Grade 8.2 JS500 zinc plated bolts. Polyethylene washers ensure a weather-tight seal for each bolt.

Extra Sturdy Roof Design

Westeel Wide-Corr Centurion Grain StorageWesteel Wide Corr Centurion Grain Storage

Designed using the latest in roof design, the Centurion roof features small corrugations formed right into the galvanized roof sheets for increased rigidity and strength, a weather-tight fit at all ribs and an aggressive 30° slope for quick moisture run off. The roof itself is attached with a top angle that provides a positive connection of the roof sheets to the sidewall sheets. An inspection hatch roof sheet provides access to the interior of the bin and comes standard with roof ladder rungs. Wide-Corr’s rafter roof has been designed to take additional loads from auxiliary equipment and can handle up to 10,000 lbs. on Series 54 to 105 bins. Heavy beam roof framing supports, combined with purlins and thrust rods, ensure no sagging or leaking from heavy loads of snow or ice.

Bin Foundations