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Bin unloader assembly cutaway viewBin unloader assembly cutaway view

Springland Power Sweep bin unloaders have a U-Trough Design for easy access and ease of maintenance. 11″ U-trough unload systems can accommodate 8.25″ or 9″ flighting. All options are included in the package, no add-ons required. The first price is the only price.

Springland bin sweep is designed for high capacity under floor unloading. Only top quality galvanised material is used on Springland unloading systems.

Industrial plating of powerheads and components make finishes last longer and resist the elements. Galvanised and plated surfaces are protected from surface damage.

The bin unloader is pre-assembled so it’s durable and easy to install.

Springland Manufacturing bin unloaders deliver commercial grade quality and performance at an on-farm price. They are available in diameters from 8″ to 10″, or 11” in a U-trough auger, allowing you to achieve unload rates from 1200 to 6000 bushels per hour.

Equally important, they have been designed by farmers for farmers to provide aggressive and dependable clean-out action and safe operation. They include all the features you want – features like a high capacity underfloor auger, rack and pinion gate control and a choice between mechanical gearbox or electric sweep drives.


Mounted under the floor of the bin, this auger will unload virtually all your product with the use of floor sumps and a sweep auger. Over-centre belt tensioner, quick detach motor mount, and enclosed belt guard are all features that are incorporated.

The bin unloaders come with a choice of two drives. The gearbox sweep drive has an internal shifting mechanism, which drives the sweep through the double gearbox. The gearbox can be moved from one bin to the next. An optional reduction drive is also available, designed to slow the sweep wheel down for safe operation.

The electric sweep drive features an enclosed belt guard to keep grain out of drive belts, a quick detach motor mount, and is adjustable for 8.25″ or 9″ sweeps.


Choose between a horizontal powerhead or an inclined powerhead.

The incline powerhead uses a larger diameter auger and tube flighting for maximum unload rates into today’s big grain transport trailers.

The Horizontal Powerhead has a rack and pinion gate, which allows for smooth control of gate opening The gearbox shifter is engaged from outside of the bin, providing a safe and convenient location for the operator to control the equipment. The horizontal powerhead offers the advantage of more capacity, less required power, less maintenance and more economical to purchase and run.

Hydraulic Powerhead is available for use when electric power is unavailable.