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The Tractor provides extra power in larger binsThe Tractor provides extra power in larger bins

Hutchinson manufactures a commercial bin sweep for 24 to 120 ft diameter bins. In Hutchinson grain systems, the bin sweep carrier assembly is built for extra support of flight and shield, in bins 48 in ‘diameter and larger. For bins over 90′, two bin sweep carriers are supplied.

Dependable jack shaft drives are standard on the smaller bin sweep with tough oil bath chain or gear reduction units being standard on the larger units.

Heavy gauge components are utilized throughout to withstand the rigours of high usage in such uses as a railcar unloader.

A new component has been added to this grain handling system, a special new tractor for additional momentum around the bin has been designed for 9″ and 12″ sweeps.


This is an unloading system available in capacities for commercial applications, larger bins and flat storage structures. Components of this series are constructed of heavier gauge materials to withstand the rigours of high use.

Even in smaller bins we recommend consideration of this series. Job application and anticipated usage level should be your guide in selection. Select from horizontal, 25° incline and unique double-drive vertical power heads.


Commercial Bin Sweep AugerCommercial Bin Sweep Auger

Hutchinson’s wide choice of bin wells will fit your method of installation under an aeration/drying floor, in a pre-formed trench or cast in concrete.

Match the center and intermediate well combination with the proper length of under-bin tube (8′ through 18’6″) to make up a basic unloading package for 14′ to 37′ diameter bins. This also may be used beneath flat storage structures.

All bin wells and tubes are galvanized for extended life. Complete the system with an under-bin auger flight with your choice of power heads, slide gate control pipes and our patented Klean Sweep.


The integrated unloading system operated completely from outside the bin.

One motor on the exterior power head operates both unloading auger and sweep. Each kit includes the special power sweep bin well, unloading tube, transmission, “Klean Sweep” shield, intermediate well(s), flange and control pipe kit. Select the power head that suits your installations – horizontal, 25° incline or vertical. Low-Boy power heads are available to return grain to a centre pit in circular bin arrangements. All power heads attach with a square stub to make moving from one location to another more time-efficient.


Horizontals available in 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″diameters
Single and double direct belt drives on units with Standard Components System. Commercial Grade furnished with 2, 3 & 4 belt drives, many with oil bath reducers.

25° Inclines for use with 6″, 8″ & 10″ systems through 75′ diameter silos
Five foot length provides about 2′ extra discharge height. Includes adjustable support stand to which you can attach optional wheel kit for portability. Two & three belt “B” section drives. Internal bearing in elbow. Units are offered as 6″ (horizontal) to 6″ (incline), 6″ to 8″, 8″ to 8″, 8″ to10″, 10″ to 12″.
We recommend the step-up sizes at all times for maximum capacity and smooth grain flow.

14’6″ Tall Vertical for use with Standard Components
System up to 37′ diameter. Discharge directly into truck, trailer or mill. One drive with heavy right angle oil bath gearbox runs both the vertical and under-bin auger. Electric or PTO powered, includes 45° discharge with 3′ long solid spout, base support and wall mounting bracket. Kit available to attach 8″ vertical to 6″ unload tube.

8″ and 10″ Commercial Grade Verticals stand 16’6″ tall
Separate direct belts or 3:1 oil bath reducer drives on horizontal and vertical sections speed-match capacities. This dual drive design will handle24′ through 92′ diameter bins. Includes 3′, 45° discharge, base support and wall bracket. Kit available to attach 10″ unit to 8″ unload tube.