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Temora, New South Wales, Australia

Barry Smith Australian grain handling facility at Ariah ParkBarry Smith Australian grain handling facility at Ariah Park

Barry Smith Grains is a leader in Australian grain handling and operates a grain storage complex located at Ariah Park in South Western, New South Wales. Ariah Park is 40 km south of Temora, and Temora is 450 km southwest from Sydney.


Barry Smith’s grain handling and storage system was the first ever Hutchinson Grain Pump installed in Australia and it was completed in late 1997. The system was sold by Skyway’s Australian representative, Geronimo Grain Systems PTY Ltd, of Cowra, NSW (see Dealer information).

Barry receives product from a wide area (about 100 km radius) of Ariah Park. Temora is a progressive country town positioned in the Riverina, South West of NSW.

Barry Smith’s system has been used for commercial buying, selling and storing many different kinds of grain since 1997. It is a 10″ grain loop with 2 – 30 HP drives. The grain pump loops around 8 – 22,000 Bu. (600 metric tonne) flat bottom bins. It has a truck drive-through area at one end of the line of 8 bins, where grain is either in-loaded to the loop and then to any of the 8 bins, or, where grain is out-loaded to trucks from any of the bins. All this grain movement can be done at a rate of 6000 Bu. per hour (160 metric tonnes per hour).


Each bin is equipped with a Hutchinson 8″ bin sweep for cleanup, after gravity feed from the bins to the grain loop, stops. Each silo has an OPI system installed to allow temperature monitoring. The loop is also frequently used to “turn” grain from bin to bin and to blend different grains from one, two, or even three bins, as it is being out-loaded to trucks. Barry has a slick and simple system that has withstood some rugged use over the past years, with many more years to come.

Barry has constructed a further six, 1000T silos at this Ariah Park complex that are to be fitted with pump systems at a future date.

Barry also has storage complexes located in Temora and surrounding districts and sells to private independent buyers, feedlots, millers, etc, as well as larger multinational companies.

The company owns their own fleet of trucks that allow them to trade throughout the eastern states with promised delivery dates.


The district is an agriculture showcase with grain and livestock dominating the landscape to the far horizons and features the 22 hectare Lake Centenary

Its not only the gold rush history and the historic Edwardian and Federation architecture which will enthuse history buffs. Classic country villages such as Ariah Park once known as the town of Wowsers Bowsers and Peppercorn trees and the place of the first bulk wheat haulage, will remind you of how things used to be. The Temora Rural Museum, showcases Sir Donald Bradman’s first home, an extensive agriculture machinery display.